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The Montessori Method was developed by Maria Montessori throughout her whole life. The Method principles are a reflection of her vision in relation to the conclusions she reached with her work.


The child is born with the ability to follow his instinct, which Maria Montessori calls an inner guide. Through this inner guide, the child has the impulse to learn in a natural and intuitive way, without being imposed by anyone. According to Maria Montessori, the child “is the creator of himself” and develops his abilities by himself.

Development stages

At each development stage, the child has specific needs and characteristics. Education must be committed to responding to these aspects.

Education as science

The Montessori Method is based on a scientific model. We do not observe with our minds, but with our eyes, and we draw conclusions only from what we actually observe.

Cosmic Education

It is present in everything and demonstrates that all things are connected and depend on each other. This allows the child to feel gratitude for everything that surrounds him in the World and in the Universe, empowering him in a human being aware of his role in the maintenance and improvement of the world.

Prepared environment

It is a place scientifically created to meet the needs of children, where they are allowed to freely live and work. It consists of real life activities with real objects and proportional to the child’s size.

Prepared adult

It is the link between the child and the environment. The adult’s role is to observe and guide the child, taking into account its interests, rhythm and characteristics.