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Welcome to AMS

“If it exists to Humanity a hope for help and salvation, it can not come from anyone else other than the Child, because in it Man is built.”

Maria Montessori

to a peaceful society
through Education

Through a carefully prepared environment, we promote the child’s individual development taking into account its pace and needs. We also support families through training to guide their children in their progress.
We do this work defending the following values:

Respect for individuality

Keeping the essence of each child without shaping it to our ideals, so that they are autonomous, creative, confident and cooperative.

Respect for the other

Recognize the potential of everyone around us without making value judgments and accepting the differences between everyone.

Respect for the planet

The contact with Nature and animals is fundamental for the child to be aware and active in caring for the world around him.

These values constitute an Education for Peace and promote the child’s emotional, physical and psychological balance.

Social entities

Term 2021/2025

Board of Directors

Filipa Almeida


Ana Custódio


Ricardo Saraiva


Board of the Assembly

Luís Costa


Inês Almeida


Tiago Silva


Supervisory Board

Luís Xavier


Lara Pinto


Sara Grande


Our history

This project started in 2016, from the concerns of three Education professionals regarding “traditional education”.